About Us


The Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN) is the Umbrella body for all Mortgage Banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to engage in Mortgage Business in Nigeria. Its main focus is to ensure the access to mortgage finance for provision of affordable housing through effective advocacy for improved legal/regulatory/operating environments for home-ownership finance in Nigeria.

Scope of Permissible Activities for Mortgage Banks as contained in the Guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria

  • Mortgage finance
  • Real estate construction finance within the permitted limits
  • Acceptance of savings and time/term deposits
  • Acceptance of mortgage-focused demand deposits
  • Drawing from mortgage funds (e.g. National Housing Fund Facility) for on-lending
  • Financial advisory service for mortgage customers
  • Other activities the CBN may approve from time to time

MBAN was incorporated on August 06 1992 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) and is recognised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN); Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) and Capital Market Agencies such as Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as the Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) and Catalyst for development of the Mortgage Banking/Housing Finance Sector in Nigeria.

MBAN on regular basis, provides inputs for the formulation of National Housing/ Urban Development Policies and Debates/Fora as they affect the Sector and its Member-Mortgage Banks. The Association is also committed to building Ethics and Professionalism, enhancing the Human Capacity for the Sector as well as providing reliable mortgage related information to consumers and investors.


Membership Drive & Development

MBAN has strived to ensure it bears continued relevance to its three (3) Broad Categories of Membership as listed below:

  • Mortgage Banks
  • Professional Mortgage Brokers
  • Individual Employees in the Sector


Taking into account the needs and concerns of Members, we strive to foster an effective and competitive market place by promoting the legal, regulatory and  legislative environments in which the businesses of mortgage banking service providers would prosper. We engage in advocacy with governments, regulatory/supervisory bodies, foreign investors, institutions and individuals towards ensuring that the interests of our Members are adequately represented in the articulation of all policy issues relating to Mortgage Banking/ Housing Finance that would propel home-ownership via provision of affordable housing in Nigeria.

Human Capacity Building

MBAN is committed to promoting professional excellence through our array of training, professional certification programmes and events. Through carefully designed Individual, Corporate and Sector-wide interventions, we also provide guidance to our Members for increased profitability and business growth.

Industry Resource

We provide our Members, Governments/its Agencies, Investors and other Stakeholders with accurate and up to date news and information about home ownership financing and delivery in Nigeria. We also offer guidance and inputs for policy formulation, investment decisions and durable research on the Sector.


MBAN represents the Mortgage Banks, Professional Mortgage Brokers and Individual Employees in the Sector that form the three (3) Broad Divisions of our Membership as the first-layer Stakeholders/Mortgage Sector Operators in Nigeria. Click here for our Comprehensive Membership Directory.

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