Mortgage Careers

Welcome to the Mortgage Careers Centre. In this section, you will find a listing for mortgage related jobs in Nigeria. MBAN maintains this section of the website as a service to mortgage professionals and job seekers for their career development and employment-seeking efforts.

Please Read the disclaimer below before using this section of the website. MBAN is not a recruiter and will not take responsibility for recruiting into any of the jobs here listed. Follow up information for each job is contained within the listing.


MBAN Mortgage Careers is a web service which carries job advertisement and independently published by third parties on the MBAN website (the “Website”). MBAN is not involved in the recruitment process and must not be considered to be a recruiter and/or employer with respect to the use of the Website. Job announcements provided through the website do not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from MBAN. Users should take responsibility for all necessary precautions when interviewing for, or accepting these positions. MBAN shall not be responsible for any user entering into any agreements or making decisions of whatever nature in connection with the posting of jobs and/or any other information obtained on the Website. Users are solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning the employer.

Did You Know?

MBAN represents all Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMIs) in Nigeria.